Linda Petty the ArtistLinda grew up in a large, blended family in Rockford, IL. As a child, she was smitten by the beauty of nature – by watching ants open a peony or climbing wooded paths and wading in a mountain stream! Although she liked all subjects (except Earth Science), she always preferred and chose Art and Music as elective classes in school. Encouraged to pursue a teaching career, Linda graduated with a music and education degree from Lincoln Christian University. Ms. Petty married her best friend, Bruce, who for the last 47 yr.s has taken her to help serve in ministry on a 7-state journey that has currently landed in the beauty of north (Atlanta,) Georgia. Before starting a family, she began painting impressive landscape oils with a palette knife, which her family kept and enjoyed!

Throughout her career, Linda always tried to find an opportunity to use her creative artistic skills in her path as a teacher, worship program director, interior designer and eventually became a children’s and adult art instructor. For over 30 years, she created original, archival, mixed medium framed fine art, including calligraphy, patterned paper hearts with 2-D embellishments to give as ministry gifts. At the encouragement of friends & family, Ms. Petty started her “By Heart” business in 2006, leading numerous inspirational, creative workshops and selling her popular “H’artworks” in North Carolina & Georgia, as well as in retail venues.

In a desire to “finish strong” in life, Linda wanted to develop and use her creative gifts to follow her real passion of sharing wisdom through painting and works of art, striving to do her best, authentic work. Her heart beats fast when an idea culminates into shapes and colors on canvas and it really sings when the final touches highlight the completed work of “H’Art”! However, she is most fulfilled and rewarded when people are inspired by her work and her heart is overjoyed when they want to share it with others!

Focus and diligence in art have helped Ms. Petty hone her painting technique and guide her creative skills in using a variety of mediums and types of canvas/palettes in order to reach & encourage a wider audience. In the last 3 years, she has participated in 6 Fine Art shows as well as being featured in a solo artist exhibition at Unicoi Resort in Helen, GA. Her primary medium is acrylic on canvas, but Linda has also sold many original oil and watercolor paintings, pencil drawings and painted calligraphy on weathered wood. Currently, she has several commissioned pieces that she has just completed and working on more, including a landscape, figurative setting, some wildlife and illustrated inspirational calligraphy. Linda believes that it’s important for all artists to be true to their calling of what inspires them and to paint with a purpose!