From all of my travels around the country and at various art shows, festivals, and galleries that I have exhibited at these are some of the questions that I get asked often.  If there are still some questions you still might have, feel free to email me at linda@lpettyart.com.

What kind of art do you do?
  • Archival-quality, museum-wrapped & mounted Artwork that includes a variety of thought-provoking themes that evoke an emotional response & engage a wide, eclectic audience
  • Paintings and drawings of natural world images, including land and seascapes, wildlife, poignant architecture (church, bridge, or barn), figurative settings, some kids- themed pieces and a few contemporary mixed-mediums
  • Images that evoke the senses and enliven environments that blend layers of colors and create texture, contrast, & how the subject matter is affected by light and movement
What style and mediums do you incorporate in your artwork?
  • Impressionistic, real-life style, with a flair for country- French influence and an occasional gouache paint or mixed media textures.

  • Primarily, Acrylic or palette knife-applied Oils on canvas & Water Color paintings. Portfolio also includes pencil drawings (seascape & portraiture) & mixed-medium, (acrylic paint & paper) as well

  • Recently added, Acrylic calligraphy on weathered wood, called “H’Artwood” to LPetty’s “By Heart” line of inspirational calligraphy (with paper & 2-D accessories)

Do you paint commissioned art or offer different sizes, giclees, or prints of your artwork?

Yes, I’m currently working on 5 quite uniquely different commissioned pieces, including a large tree painting, a family heirloom setting, a small wildlife, a movie scene & a “H’artwood”!

There are Giclees (digital art photography on canvas) of all artwork in the same size (or smaller) than the original. Canvas Giclees can be “enhanced” (by adding clear varnish brushstrokes, for an additional charge, (depending on size). Some art, is only available in quality paper prints, particularly watercolor & pencil.

Most all artwork can be ordered with or without a frame, though originals are depicted with a frame. This provides a variety of price & framing options.

However, each inspirational “H’artwork” is it’s own original, (with different frames, mats, colored papers, & embellishments) although the calligraphed texts are multiple originals. Currently,
there are no reproductions for “H’artwoods”, but similar duplicates can be created (for same price).

Who or what inspires you and your art?

All of LPettyArt is inspired by the powerful wisdom inherent in Scripture, written for our benefit as a guide for successful living. We believe in the advantage of life application of the Bible verses dynamically illustrated by Linda’s vivid creations.

Why did you become an artist & what motivates you?

Even as a child, Linda always loved creating all things ART! When captivated by a spiritual truth, she’s compelled to share it with others in an inspiring visual to make it come alive, easier to understand and apply. Her passion is to create art that uplifts and brings life-changing responses, like choosing JOY instead of sadness or desiring a more purpose-driven life.

Describe the value & importance of Fine Art.

According to the dictionary & Wikipedia, Fine Art is defined as a visual art created primarily for its aesthetic quality rather than its utilitarian or functional value. It is also judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, through a variety of media, specifically (but not limited to), painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics & architecture. In today’s high-tech world of digital art, fine art’s value rises from the human creative perspective, as well as offering high quality pieces of enduring artwork, that usually appreciate in value, over time.