This verse makes a perfect “Thank You” gift for a friend or someone you’re grateful for or whose help you deeply appreciate! The calligraphy is an […]

    My first attempt at painting in color (vs. black & white), was from a Helen Steiner Rice greeting card selection that didn’t seem too difficult to […]
  • Keep Swimming

    When my hairdresser discovered I was an artist, she asked me to paint Dory for her son who adored the Disney movie and barter for her […]
  • The Wind Blows

    This (20 X 16) Oil with Palette knife on canvas board was my first attempt at painting original content! My desire was to capture a unique, […]
  • Never Far Away

    For my first drawing ever in high school art class, I selected this intensely detailed seaport scene I found of a (1″ X 2.5″) photograph in […]
  • Wonderfully Made

    The work of creation is beyond human comprehension, but it is exquisitely amazing to watch & gaze upon, even the tiniest of living things, like a […]
  • Look at the Birds

    I originally created this painting for a canvas class, with clean lines, colors & a single cardinal, but discovered that some were not able to finish […]
  • Red Bridge

    This Oil Landscape painting with Palette Knife on 18 X 24  Canvas of a covered bridge in the foothills, depicts the scripture verse, Matthew 7:14, which […]
    Red Bridge