The following is just a small sample of the many people we have helped to enjoy not only art but the creation and discover our classes envoke.  click the following links to find out more about an event or class in your area.

Joan Williams, Williams & Associates, Founder, Trainer & Speaker – Linda’s artwork is so amazingly unique!  She combines her artistic eye with divine inspiration and produces a design that will touch and encourage your heart.

Jeff & Linda Gaura, Network Team President & Team USA Athlete (“Fancy Pants”-Chicken) – “We have known Linda Petty & for many years and have appreciated her art.  Her artwork, along with the verses she chooses always touches the heart of the recipients.  One of my favorite pieces is in her bird gallery section of her website now with the verse from Matthew 6:26.  And what Chicken Lover would not treasure her rendition of the spectacular Buff Orpington titled, “Fancy Pants”! This artwork means so much to Jeff since this chicken (Ginger) was his favorite & brings back great memories. He says, “I wouldn’t trade that painting for a first-round draft pick!” I have also been a part of Linda’s “By Heart” workshops and am happy to have several of her pieces in my house.  I have also purchased additional works as gifts for special friends.  These are always received with much appreciation.!”

Vicky Spencer, Cosmetologist – (purchased “Winter Pond”, “Firmly Grounded” & “The Door”) – “I received my artwork and am so thrilled! Each time I glance at my paintings, I am reminded of our Savior’s love. Especially the black & white Winter scene…my thoughts are always reminded, ‘though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow!’ Thank you, Heavenly Father for your redemptive love, and thank you, Linda, for using your talent to create the beauty that instills this kind of feeling just by looking at your artwork! God Bless.”

Dick M. – “I have given and received By Heart artwork. It is exactly the type of encouragement and meaningful token of my heart. In a world where people don’t recognize truth and light, Linda’s creation provides excellence that serves God’s purposes every day.”    

Carla M. – “I enjoyed the by Heart workshops for three reasons:

  1. They are unique gifts that can be selected for just that right person.
  2. I was able to make it myself. Home-made gifts seem to be lost on most in society today, but if you were to ask around, most people still enjoy getting them. The preparation & care that goes into the workshop is awesome and Linda Petty does a great job of making everyone feel creative.
  3. Oh, If I’m pressed for time, I can just buy one ready-made, but still hand-made!”

Cherryl P.  Hope Christian Church – Charlotte, NC – “As the leader of our women’s ministry, I look to schedule events where the ladies can grow as a community of faith and enjoy fellowship and friendship!  by Heart workshops absolutely give ladies a chance to bond with their best girlfriends and get their creative juices flowing, crafting a beautiful scripture to take home where it is visible for friends and family to see. In my walk with the Lord, it is important for me to have scripture that I can call on when the circumstance arises. I have by Heart artwork predominantly displayed throughout my home as a reminder to me & others of the wisdom that God provides us with His Word. The ministry of by Heart is so appreciated in terms of what it does to keep God’s instructions in front of us every day.”     

Becky H. – “Inviting friends to my house to create their own was so easy & fun, & my friends loved it! Linda brought everything we needed to make our own one of a kind piece of art that we each treasure! I love all my pieces of by Heart, those made with my own buttons…and Linda’s! She is so talented & her desire to place God’s Word in every home is such a gift!”      

Beverly P.  “I wish to recommend the by Heart offered by Linda Petty. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and found it to be much easier than I ever imagined.  Linda offers excellent direction on how to put together something you can enjoy and/or share that will be loved for years.  She combines this with a brief testimonial related to the business during which she allows you to continue to work if needed.  She works with everyone at their own pace, but I found with an art background, I was able to create three gifts in a single sitting, which was especially satisfying close to the Christmas season.  I endorse Linda and the entire experience, wholeheartedly to anyone interested in offering her class.”  

Cathy – “The by Heart is so much fun!! You can tell that Linda loves working with people to help them create a beautiful and personal keepsake or gift. She speaks from the heart about her business and her love for God. It was a great time for creativity and sharing. I highly recommend it!!”